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The Words to which we Flutter-By create great effects in our atmosphere.  When we think and speak in ways contrary to what we want to see in our lives, we can  in essence create the tornado we dread, effectively forcing us back into our cocoons. However, small flutters create ripples in the wind…
causing movement, one thought at a time.

Download the FlutterBy Effect to start taking your thoughts captive today in a practical 7 Step Process to move you from Chaos to Perfect Peace.

Words2FlutterBy offers coaching and workshops for Churches, Businesses and Personal Spiritual growth through Jesus Christ. Every aspect of our lives is affected by our understanding of our identity and where true peace comes from. Please click below to find out more information on the services offered. Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at Be sure to download your free gift to start your Transformation Journey from Chaos to Perfect Peace today!

Perfect Peace is a look at peace from a different perspective.

Perfect Peace is NOT the peace that is not the peace taught in society. Peace that the world gives is a subtraction, an exasperated “CAN I JUST GET A LITTLE PEACE” is not the aspect of peace that we will learn.

Perfect Peace is NOT “inner peace”, a clearing of the mind, learn why this is a practice that can leave you vulnerable and continually striving for peace. Although with Perfect Peace, you will receive a clarity and peaceful countenance that far surpasses that of striving to maintain inner peace.

Perfect Peace is an additional enhancement to your life, it is a calm in the storm. It is the Joy in trials. This type of peace is attainable, yet it is something missing in the world today.

Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me

& set me free Psalm 118:5

Journey to Freedom

Congratulations on taking your first step towards freedom! Just opening up this website is one step closer to opening up your cocoon and taking flight. I use this analogy because of the simplistic way to describe the “FlutterBy Effect” in our lives. Embracing very minor changes in thinking can produce incredible results. Knowledge brings truths; and Truth sets you FREE!

Enclosed within my Journey is the FlutterBy Effect to move your life from Chaos to Supernatural Peace…
learn how you too can obtain Peace through the storms this life brings. To start you on your journey I have come up with a resource tool, that when applied can produce amazing results. Simple, yes… simplistic no.

Walking through this to this freedom myself, I know the hardships and release that comes along the journey with you. I am your mentor and guide through this road from chaos to peace. I say mentor, because I have been where you are; broken and looking for a different way, a better way. Let me help you reprogram your mind and thoughts to respond differently and learn to walk in a different light. The Light of Christ, and lean not on your own understanding but in the fullness of knowing that Chaos is a lie and not the way to live.

Let my years of invested time, become your guide to obtaining Supernatural Freedom through Christ. Remember a tiny Butterfly’s wings effects have been long known to influence a tornado. Learn how you can create your own FlutterBy Effect today.

FlutterBy Effect - Free Download

Perfect Peace NOT Pieces Workshop

The words to which we flutter by create great effects in our atmosphere. When we think and speak in ways contrary to what we want to see in our lives, we can in essence create the tornado we dread, effectively forcing us back into our cocoons. However, small flutters create ripples in the wind... causing movement, one thought at a time.

In this course, you will learn valuable tools and resources to get you on track of claiming your life back from CHAOS to PERFECT PEACE. We will spend time in a safe environment learning the tools and also role playing to help you get familiar with the techniques.


Learn Valuable Tools to:

  • Identify the Chaos
  • New Perspective Shifts
  • Set Healthy Boundaries
  • Effectively Communicate Boundaries

Also, learn about valuable resources available to you.

Choose One Workshop:

Limited Seating Available • Workbook Materials Included

Accountability – Time Management & Organization

This 6 week session is designed to help you gain clarity in your life overall. Joelle assist you in learning which scheduling and organization works best for your particular personality.

Basically if you’re stuck in a rut and need assistance to get your feet under you? This 6 week program is designed to help you get from chaos to clarity and give you the accountability to get there.

See the descriptions below for the course outline.


  • Week 1: Braindump & Introduction

  • Week 2: Identifying Personality, Fears & Set Backs

  • Week 3: Time Blocking/Bullet Journaling

  • Week 4: Goal Setting/Planning

  • Week 5: Establishing Accountability

  • Week 6: Overview & Review


  • Each session includes:

    • Weekly Video Calls

    • Recommended Homework & Reading

    • Text/Email Support

    • 30-60-90 day goal setting

    • Fear Buster Accountability

    • Sound Board Brainstorming

    • Membership to our online community

Joelle is a serial entrepreneur with a heart for people and for God. The way she brings her experience, faith, and energy into her coaching has given me insight personally and clarity for my business. Her creative talents have transformed my website and marketing materials. I absolutely recommend Joelle to people who need clarity and creativity.
Heather Reseck

RDN Nutritionist & Owner, Veggie Makeovers

6 Week Session

on Your Journey to Freedom

Recognizing Chaos

CHAOS confronts us everywhere! Chaos, confusion, challenges… We go through life thinking and feeling nothing is going to change… Many of us walk through life putting out fires instead of resolving the issues that bring them in. In this session, Joelle walks you through what chaos looks like… the first battle is knowing your enemy.

Perspective Shift

All battles begin in the mind, however we are not taught the tools and skills in order to overcome. This is the point to cue the light bulb and get a renewed mind – or new perspective. “Be transformed by the BLOWING of your mind” (Translation by Joelle)

Financial Abundance

“Money answers everything”… but “the Pursuit of Money is the root of all evil”. Yes, these are both direct quotes from the Bible. In this session we will discuss the Biblical perspective on finances. Did you know there are two teachings? One on daily provision, and another on walking in Supernatural abundance. Many are mixing up the principles and ending up in a whole lot of hurt.

Healthy Boundaries

One of my favorite prayers is, “Jesus be my backbone”. Because I am an INFJ and an empath, my heart of compassion for others gets the better of me sometimes. So I have had to implement strong boundaries and will lead you through why and how to do this.

Powerful Principles

“Hope deferred makes a heart sick” Proverbs 13:12a Who can relate? From birth we put our hope into others, only to be let down time and time again… this teaching will unpack this powerful principle and many more in order to gain proper understanding of Hope, Trust and other causers of chaos.

Spiritual Warfare

We go through life fighting and battling, but why exactly? Who exactly are we fighting against? In this session, you will be introduced to the basics of the Spiritual Battle and given tools on how to fight them.

Let GOD Transform YOU into His Butterfly!

Million of Orphans


Rape Victims Woldwide

Million w/ Autoimmune Disease


Divorce Rate (1st)


Life started out with being ripped from my family tree, as my mother died when I was a baby. My father abandoned us and so I became a ward of the state. Thankfully my story didn’t end there; see I was grafted into another tree…


On my next transition into adulthood, only a few short months after being able to legally vote, my innocents was changed, as a “friend” forced himself on me. However, through Christ’s healing touch my pain is no longer. I can walk through this recovery with you to full and complete healing.

Celiac & Health Issues

After years of horrible health, wheel chairs, pancreatitis, Celiac, asthma and many more. I will teach you the principles of how Jesus set free and healed from all allergies and now live a life free from bondage of many ailments.


Divorce is incredibly difficult process to walk through. After 14 years, I found myself with a gold star and a piece of paper. The Holy Spirit walked me through this difficult time, instructing me down to how to submit my court documents. My journey can help you rest in the loving arms of God while the whole world around you seems to be collapsing.

Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Abuse comes in many forms and shows up in many relationships. I have had in-depth experience with all 3 forms of narcissistic abuse, and assist women (and men) on how to regain themselves. Whether you are currently in the relationship, or still recovering, there are tools that will and can help eliminate the anxiety and help you to rewire your brain, and rewrite you future. I am here to help you.

Single Mom

Being a Mom is tough business… being a mother of two growing MEN, is even more of a challenge. I have learned the art of maintaining being a woman while raising men. I will teach you still on how to maintain your identity as a woman, their mother, and how to work through preventing additional father wounds. I declare peace over your household right now, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

No Longer a Statistic! Jesus Healed & Set me FREE!

Click below to claim your blueprint for being set free!

Claim your freedom plan today!
Joelle Nichole

Joelle Nichole

Author, Life & Business Coach & Marketing Director

As a Spiritual Life Mentor & Coach, Joelle works along side you to assist you with getting your Life on the Abundance plan outlined in the Bible. She depends heavily on the Word of God, and on the Holy Spirit in order to bring insight to the challenges that her clients are facing in their lives. She works with clients on ongoing basis to assist them in accountability to gain deeper clarity and understanding through Identity in Christ and walking in "The Way".

She works as a personal Liaison Marketing Director with a limited number of Churches, organizations and businesses on a contract term bases to do everything from Identity Branding (logo & theme design) as well as web design and personal instruction… meaning she will work with you and your team to get a clear vision and branding to bring out the heart of your organization with her personalized “Ipseity Approach”.

Joelle also is the Life Coach at Burman University, where she is able to work with students to help them get the best possible start on their future. She helps them to realize how important time management is, as well as teaching them valuable organization and scheduling skills that will last them a life time. She also tackles those "hard" topics giving a fresh perspective to inspire students to embrace lives that emulate the truth and purity found within the Love of Christ.

She is also a mentor to many women (and men) who have been in abusive situations in helping them get their lives back from the false reality and manipulation games. By hiring Joelle, know that you are giving back to helping abused women (and men) to not only get back on their feet, but truly thrive.

Joelle is also available for speaking engagements, motivational workshops and boardroom vision planning.

Call her today: (403) 307-5436 (Canada) or through Whatsapp on your cell at no charge. Joelle is a US Citizen who is raising her two sons internationally in Alberta, Canada.

Joelle is in the process of seeking for the editors, publishers and marketing to move forward with her book. Prayers for discernment and guidance are appreciated. Thank you!

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